Subject Re: corrupt database killing fbServer.exe when runing gfix
Author emb_blaster
Hi Thomas,

> The log tells you that an index in various tables (ITENSVENDAS,
> SAIDANOTAS) are corrupt.


> If you query the system table RDB$INDICES with a WHERE clause on
> RDB$RELATION_NAME, you can get a list of indices. The result set also
> includes a RDB$INDEX_ID field, although I can't recall if e.g. "Index 3
> ..." on a particular table is the index with a value of 3 in this field
> or 4 (starting at index 0 or 1).
> Try to drop the indices in question and re-run a validation. As Firebird

RDB$INDEX_ID always start from 1. Not sure thought that gfix returning is also starting from 1. So I'm trying deleting all now...

Found that I can't drop two of the 8 Indexes. But deleting them now I can gfix the file and run gbak after. Thanks.

> 2.1.4 has some index corruption issues fixed, I would also run a
> backup/restore cycle with 2.1.4.
> Hope this helps.
> --
> With regards,
> Thomas Steinmaurer

Helped! ^.^
I was just with many things in my head that I did not tried to delete the indexes.

Anyway, what I was really concerned is that run gfix in the database file causes fbserver.exe to crash every time...
This is potentially hazardous if there any others connections in opened.