Subject Re: [firebird-support] Which distribution Linux is best for use with Firebird?
Author Lester Caine
W O wrote:
> For security reasons we want to save the databases in a partition with the
> Linux OS on them.
> That partition will be just for keep the databases, nothing more.

Hopefully this is just a matter of converting to English?

You mean a machine running Linux? Or do you want to go into the realm of virtual
computing and run both linux and windows on the one machine ;) Possible, but
another level of learning over just installing and running Linux.

Over the years I've been round a few distributions, but I'm back with SUSE 11.4
at the moment. The Linux boxes have very little more than just Firebird, Apache
and PHP running on them, and on some I've even dropped the graphic desktop,
although normally I leave it up, and can then use VNC from a windows box for
management. The copy of Firebird available from the distribution is a little
behind, but I prefer to download and install that manually, along with
FlameRobin so that database management is the same on Windows and Linux ...

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