Subject Database file appears corrupt
Author Aage Johansen
Out of the blue, this error happens in a program that exports a
dataset to a firebird (fb/2.1.2 on Windows server) database:

SIK-DB-002 (Server) Mon Aug 15 11:10:32 2011
Database: DB_KOPI
database file appears corrupt (F:\ ... \DB_KOPI.FDB21)
wrong page type
page 48759 is of wrong type (expected 7, found 5)
internal gds software consistency check (error during savepoint
backout (290), file: exe.cpp line 4043)

No other errors in firebird.log (except 10054) after starting the
server (July 28 - when a Windows update restarted the server).

I emptied what I thought was the table with the problem, and ran the
program once more. This time it went on for much longer (about an
hour - 880.000+ records), but ended with much the same error (at page
78318). Maybe I should check another table (820.000 records, no primary key)

I'll see what (if anything) gfix will reveal tomorrow.

The tables in this database are either static or generated in full
(when the above mentioned program is run).

What are page types 7 and 5 ?
Could the error message give table name or index name (or some other

Aage J.

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