Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Stumped on SQL Indexing/Bad Plan-ing
Author Norman Dunbar
On 11/08/11 16:27, Ismael L. Donis Garcia wrote:
> The join you should always avoid them,
> ...
> this not only you should apply it in firebird
> but in all the systems of SQL that you use.

I'm not sure I follow what you are saying, avoid joins? In a relational

Relational databases are built to perform joins, that's basically the
point, you design the database, normalising your data into separate
entities (which become tables) and when you run a query, you join these
various tables back together as required for that particular query.

Some data warehouse systems do advocate de-normalisation, but that's
different from normal running of an RDBMS. (Plus, denormalisation has
been proven to reduce response times.)

Of course, I might have misunderstood your original posting. In which
case, apologies.


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