Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Problem altering a column
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> I guess IBExpert has some kind of dependency showing for a particular
>> table? This way you might be able to find out what object depends on the
>> table/column.
> I'm not sure that it'll show anything since all entities from RDB$1..RDB$999 (but not RDB$1230) are shown in IBExpert when I tell it to show all the 'system' stuff. But it may be in there somewhere.
>> Of course, you could also query RDB$DEPENDENCIES.
> Thanks... I think I already did but I may be wrong. If RDB$DEPENDENCIES doesn't expose RDB$1230, any other ideas? (I'm just trying to preempt the worst-case scenario because I'm not back in the office for 9 hours ;-) )

Hmm. It also might be a bug in the engine, if e.g. in your case after a
backup/restore things are back to normal. As far as I recall, there have
been a few dependency bugs fixed across Firebird versions.

Still, RDB$... is something system generated, so perhaps a field without
using a DOMAIN, including computed by fields, which uses LASTNAME in
their expression, or constraints, indices ... using system-generated names.

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