Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: FB database in RAM - Email found in subject
Author Leyne, Sean

> > I put database on RAM-DISC but for may purposes only nightly backup
> > was not acceptable solution - becaouse of that i use shadow file also
> > on RAID volume :)
> I'm a bit curios though. Have you investigated the option to run a replicator
> from RAm to disk rather than using the shadow file feature? I would assume
> that a replicator would not have to touch the disk header page for read only
> transaction, for example, while I assume the shadow feature will touch the
> headers of both files, always.

As with the Shadow File feature, disk controller hardware provides a much better solution for the database in RAM problem.

When you consider the load time to move the database into RAM on startup; I would suggest that a disk controller with a SSD cache feature will much more reliable and more effective*. (The Adaptec feature uses the SSD cache for all Read IOs)


P.S. I tried to install RamDisk software on my Window 7 system in order to benchmark a RamDisk against my local Crucial C300 SSD, unfortunately, the RamDisk software kept generating BSODs. ;-(

I will forward some numbers if I can get a stable environment.