Subject Re: FB database in RAM
Author karolbieniaszewski
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> Hi,
> For performance reasons we're considering a setup where our 50+ Gbyte
> Firebird database would reside on a RAM-disk.
> I'd like to hear if anyone else has had experience with running large FB
> databases in RAM. Any problems? Performance compared to disk based? Any
> gotchas?
> The server has strong UPS at our hosting company, so we will accept
> nightly backups as "good enough". Backup would be done by bringing the
> system offline and copy the fdb file (currently not using nbackup due to
> an unresolved problem that we suspect was caused by nbackup). backup
> will be made both to local disks and to a remote rsync volume.
> The server is a Win 2008 web server, 64 bit.
> The current setup is with two RAID 1 volumes, one with OS, app etc, and
> the other with the database file and nothing else. Write cache enabled
> on the disks and forced writes off in the DB.
> Thanks,
> Kjell
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i have one installation with "the same" database size - 48 GB on RAM-DISC but i do somethink like this.

I put database on RAM-DISC but for may purposes only nightly backup was not acceptable solution - becaouse of that i use shadow file also
on RAID volume :)

Benefits - very very fast read operations and no loos of data.
I make script for activating (shadows) and restoring database in ram-disc if some totally power failture occure - UPS also can fail and do problems

Karol Bieniaszewski