Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird 3.0 database page size
Author Leyne, Sean

> I am thinking of modifying source code of Firebird 2.5 to have it work with
> 32kB db page size, but i am worried if it will be simple operation and does
> such db files will be correctly recognized by in example SQL Manager For
> Interbase And Firebird ?

I am not aware of any non-Firebird utilities which read the file directly, they use the API to get the database details. So, any change to be backwards compatible.

The issues of increasing the page size is a subject which is near-and-dear to me. I worked with Mike Nordell on the initial changes to support 16KB pages for v1.0. At the time the code base was very poor and when we tested 32KB pages, we ran into problems.

More recently I reviewed the code base to see what would be involved (the code base has undergone considerable cleaning/rationalization) but found that there were 2 different types of "pages" defined in the code and am not a strong enough C++ developer to make the changes myself.

If you are interested in making the change, I can offer some assistance in testing and in the design -- I believe that the engine should support pages which are up to 512KB in size (to support very specialized applications/use cases) while still supporting the existing header page structure (and thus providing the ability of older engines to read the database, but not open the database due unsupported page size)