Subject Transactions in Stored Procedures
Author homerjones1941
Is it possible to use transactions in a stored procedure? I've looked it up in Helen's book and done the Google thing, but I am not able to make it work.

Basically, the stored procedure reads (and summarizes) info from an event log table, and then creates a "summary" record in a separate table. If the new record is created, I want to mark a flag field in the source, event log table so that the source records will not be processed a second time.

I've failed at creating the transaction in a stored procedure so tried to do the above in Delphi. I failed there. Obviously, I'm just learning about Firebird transactions (a lot different than MS Access).

I have deleted my Stored Procedure attempt, and considered in inappropriate to include a bunch of Delphi code in this forum. Perhaps someone could give me some advice. I'm just not getting it.