Subject Re: Maximum number of rows in Firebird 2.1 and up (is it 1099511627776 records ?)
Author lmatusz
--- In, "hvlad" <hvlad@...> wrote:
> > i would like mathematical equation for max number of rows/records.
> Read PAG_init() function in \src\jrd\pag.cpp
> Regards,
> Vlad
In src/jrd/RecordNumber.h you are stating that practical table size
limit is roughly equal to: db_page_size
table_size_without_allocation_threshold_and_overhead 16kB 20000 GB
8kB 10000 GB 4kB 2500 GB , but giving the maximum records per
table (which i believe is not dependent on db_page_size) i have
following table_size_without_allocation_threshold_and_overhead:
record_size table_size_without_allocation_threshold_and_overhead 10
6447 GB 100 14878 GB 200 16044 GB 1024 17123 GB , and i
think it doesn't dependent on db_page_size as it is stated in
src/jrd/RecordNumber.h. Where is the truth ? I would like to hear about
it from Vlad Khorsun (hvlad).