Subject Re: [firebird-support] access a database through internet...
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Em 19/4/2011 18:57, Sergio H. Gonzalez escreveu:
> Hello! I'm sure this is a *very silly* question, but as a matter of
> fact, all my developments until today where on local networks (in
> offices) and I never (until now) had the need of doing it. SO... SORRY
> A customer of mine ask me if he can have the database on his server, and
> connect to it from my app through internet.
> I've tried with the connection string:
> (some ip):c:\myapp\mydbfile.fdb
> but I get the message that the server is not responding... should I do
> something on the server side to allow "outside connections" ??
> What are the basic steps to follow?
> thank you in advance!!!
> sergio

Besides the already given advice:

Make sure the IP resolves to the machine hosting FB or that you have the
packets on port 3050 forwaded to the FB server machine on your LAN.

Use ZeBeDee or ssh/stunnel to encrypt/compress the data trough the wire.

It would be slow if your software uses a classical C/S architecture, the
only way it could be usable is if you use N-tier. The firebird protocol
is not good for hight latency connections.

If I could give you an advice I would opt to use a remote desktop
(terminal server, x-server) deployment, this way the communication with
the database would be on the LAN and a lot more quick than trough internet.

see you !