Subject gfix errors
Author crizz11
on running the command
gfix -v -full repaircopy.fdb -username "username" -password "password"

we see the following results.

gfix -v -full repaircopy.fdb -user -password
Summary of validation errors

Number of record level errors : 3
Number of index page errors : 2
Number of database page errors : 1

How would I go about finding out more information about each of these errors listed.

We did a dump and reload of our databas on Friday 15th because our database file had grown in size to 7.1GB. After reloading the database was sitting at 5.3GB (normal). Already by today Monday 18th it has grown to 6.1GB. There is no way we are generating this amount of data as it has taken us 7 years to get to the normal 5.3GB size. When we did the check on the 7.1GB database file the above error report had much higher numbers. Anyone got any ideas as to what might be happening here?