Subject Re: [firebird-support] SAM Broadcaster and Firebird.
Author L Lloyd
Services -> Windows Firewall And Advanced
Security -> Domain Firewall : Disabled, Private
Profile Is Active : Disabled , Public Profile :
Disabled ... I have a DSL modem with a built in
firewall and a 4 port DSL router that also has a
built in firewall and does NAT translations. So I
disabled the Windows firewall as it is unneeded,
I already have two fire walls between me and the outside world.

At 06:47 AM 4/16/2011, you wrote:
>On 16/04/2011 3:42 AM, llloyd3 wrote:
> > Administrator Tools -> Services shows both
> Firebird Guardian and Firebird Server (both '-
> DefaultInstance') as running and automatic and
> netstat shows
> <>
> ... I used pastebin as it's rather long and I
> don't want to spam people.>.< So with the
> available data anyone know what is broken?
>Did you check the firewall? It's very possible that you need to
>configure the firewall for Firebird.
>Daniel Rail


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