Subject Re: incremental search ?
Author emb_blaster
--- In, "Sergio H. Gonzalez" <shg_sistemas@...> wrote:
> > Hi
> > I use it on a large extend in my program with tables with up to 20 000
> > records. (For the larger ones the user must first complete the search
> > criteria, before I start the search) I even designed a general Unit
> > that handles the search functions for various tables.
> > I prefer "contantaing" because it is case incentive and finds in the
> > middle as well. But it can be disable by the customer
> > To limit the network traffic a limit the package of records that IBX
> > returns to 200 (PackageRecords := 200)
> > I can send u the source code if you like, it needs JVCL and a
> > cutsomization of mine to compile.
> > Regards
> > Cornie
> thanks Cornie!! I'd love to see your code, of course! So far I modified
> mine with a timer (as I was adviced here), so the search starts half a
> second after the user hits a key. It seem to work fine by now. I've also
> modified PacketRecords to 200... And I use a case insensitive collation
> also.
> Thanks!
> -s

I would like to see it too... can I?