Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB2.5 Servercrash
Author Lester Caine
kittikira wrote:
> In FB2.1 the same code worked well without server crash.
I would be interested to hear if other people are starting to find more
instabilities in FB2.5 where they have upgraded systems from 2.1. I've had
another niggle over the weekend on a site that has run 2.1 for some time, but
was switched to 2.5 some months back, and has now started to give the same
random errors which a couple of new upgrades were halted because of. This is not
the first time I've had the problem, but in this case, switching back to 2.1 to
prove a point could be difficult since I can't simply run a 2.1 gbak to port the
data. Fault finding the problem on customer site is simply not going to be
practical since many have been running several years without any unexplained
problems. Some are still running FB1.5 ...

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