Subject FB2.5 Servercrash
Author kittikira

I have a problem, that is dificult to describe and not easy to reproduce.
In my delphi application, I open several queries to use them as pipelines for reportbuilder. In one module I opened the queries at programmstart and reuse them just by commiting before running the report or the reportdesigner.
Now when I open the reportdesigner, leave the designer and then run a report, the fbguard stops the fbserver process and restarts it.
This is fully reproducable. This did not happen with FB2.1 but it does with FB2.5.
For there are many queries and I had little time for debugging, I did not find out which query causes the crash. I just tried something els. I now create the query components before running the designer or the report and free them after running designer or report. Now it works, but I'd like to understand what could crash the server in FB2.5 what it did not in FB2.1.

Maybe it would be the best to get back to the old form (all pipelines are open all the time) and reduce the pipelines step by step, to find out which one causes the crash, but this would be very time consuming, and if someone could imagine the possible reason for the crash, it would be the shorter way. Though I know, it is not easy with the facts I can provide.