Subject AW: [firebird-support] difficult question about a procedure
Author Olaf Kluge
Hello Thomas,

The first procedure needs to be used as a "selectable" stored procedure
ala: SELECT * FROM ... where as the second SP as "executable" stored
procedure. I don't know how you execute your SP (Delphi, access
components ...), but possibly the first doesn't work because an EXECUTE
PROCEDURE is issued behind the scene.

Just a wild guess.


In first case I executed the procedure with ibmanager and got the result
set. With IBM, I just click on an little arrow and the application runs the
statement. If I execute the procedure with another application like ms
access, the syntax is "for select" of course.

I was wondering because the first option returns the result set but does not
change the values.

It's crazy in this case. Maybe I should take another sql manager.

Regards, Olaf

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