Subject gbak:cannot commit index ...
Author marco bianchini
hi, im living a small (for u, big for me) problem using fb2.5:
i have a production database, running well and fast as supposed. i love fb!!
some time im allowed to do a backup of production data and restore to the
development machine, till few days ago everithing was fine,
now if i try to restore db over ubuntu i cant and i get the message below:

gbak:cannot commit index PK_LOG_ACCESSI
gbak: ERROR:attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active
transactions) in unique index "PK_LOG_ACCESSI"
Database restore canceled 15:29:46 due to IBPP exception:

*** IBPP::SQLException ***
Context: ServiceImpl::Wait
Message: isc_service_query failed

SQL Message : -901
Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that does not preclude
successful execution of subsequent statements

Engine Code : 335544342
Engine Message :
action cancelled by trigger (3) to preserve data integrity
Cannot deactivate index used by a PRIMARY/UNIQUE constraint


if i try to restore the same backup, in a windows version looks running
well, but allow just one connection a time, if a second connection try to
operate some how fb reply that the database been forced down.. or something

i Googled a lot, of course also
and as him, i checked the original db before asking here and there are no
duplicates in the primary key (only primary, no other index over that simple

does anyone can suggest me something to check or try? developing with just a
connection avaiable is a trouble, and im worry for the production server, it
must run and i guess that something is going wrong even if its running well


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