Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: 1.5.3 NONE -> 2.5 UNICODE_FSS
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

>>>>> -I dont need to bring along the data, metadata upgrade will do
>>>>> -Metadata includes local characters (åäö in custom exceptions for example) in NONE charset db
>>>>> -Big (huge?) database when it comes to # of triggers and procedures
>>>>> -Tried backup/restore with -fix_ flags
>>>> - What was the exact usage of gbak?
> Maybe I was unclear here - I used the -fix_fss_metadata flag with gbak, which at first glance seem to be what I need. But my conclusion was that gbak cannot used, since it doesnt have a target charset flag at restore. I end up with another NONE db.

You are mixing things up here. The -fix_fss switches have to be used if
you get a "malformed string" exception during restore, but this won't
change the character set of your database.

For changing the character set, you have to:

- Extract the database DDL from the existing database
- Create a new empty database with the new character set (e.g. UTF8)
- Execute the DDL in the new empty database
- Transfer data from your existing database into the new one

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