Subject Stored Procedures in a Join
Author homerjones1941
I'm trying to use two stored procedures as if they were two tables in a join query (right outer join). Both procedures have a good deal of calculations and/or conditional processing.

Using IBExpert, the query runs and produces results, however, if I try to scroll to new records, or Fetch All, I get the following "memory" error. It mentions the stored procedure that contains the greates number of rows, and has the largest number of calculations.

I suppose my question is; Is it acceptable to join procedures in this manner? if so, are there precautions I should take that will prevent out-of-memory issues?

"Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable resource.
unable to allocate memory from operating system.
At procedure 'P_ASSEMBLE_LOGS_TABLE_FIELDS' line: 47, col: 32."