Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Making evaluation of UDFs constant across a query
Author Geoff Worboys
Ann Harrison wrote:
> The string value 'now' when assigned to a date time type gives
> you the current time and date. That, 'today', 'tomorrow'', and
> 'yesterday' were the original time and date sources in gds/galaxy,
> way before SQL had any sense of time. CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
> (like all the CURRENT_xxx special variables) give you the time
> and date at the start of the current statement.

> So yes, they are different, it is by design, and the SQL Standard
> cares a great deal more about cursor stability than the designer
> of InterBase.

Please note that I was comparing
  timestamp 'now'
  cast('now' as timestamp)

Which, according to the v2.1 release notes, are just different
ways of saying the same thing. The problem is that this out
not to be the case, and I am wondering if this is intentional
or a bug.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing