Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to update data?
Author W O
Hello Woody

It works very well when there are dates, but the column LastDate can not be

The PRODUCTS table has the column FirstDate, too.

How would be the sentence if:
- There are dates in MOVIMCAB then update PRODUCTS.LASTDATE with the last
date of MOVIMCAB for that product
- There are not dates in MOVIMCAB, then update PRODUCTS.LASTDATE with

Thanks in advance.


How about something like (untested)
> Update Products A set A.LastDate = (Select Max(B.Date) from MovimCab B
> Inner Join MovimDet C on (B.Movim_ID = C.Movim_ID) and (C.Product_ID =
> A.Product_ID))
> Woody (TMW)

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