Subject How to update data?
Author W O
Hello everybody

I have a table PRODUCTS (Product_ID, Product_Name, LastDate)

A table MOVIMCAB (Movim_ID, Date) -- parent table

A table MOVIMDET (Movim_ID, Product_ID) -- child table

Each product can be several times in MOVIMDET

Tables MOVIMCAB and MOVIMDET can be relationated by the Movim_ID column.

What I need is:
- Each product having the last date, as found in MOVIMCAB

By example, if the date were 01/01/2010, 05/02/2010, 06/03/2010 then I need
that the column 'LastDate' of PRODUCTS have 06/03/2010

What I could to write for update the 'LastDate' column of the table PRODUCTS
with the last date in which that product can be found?

In other words, each product with its last date.

I use Firebird 2.1.3

Thanks in advance.


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