Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: ISC ERROR CODE:335544344 ISC ERROR MESSAGE: I/O error for file - already opened
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:34 PM 2/04/2011, Sammy Davis wrote:
>My version is superserver.
>If i connect first with Ibexpert then my datasnap server can't connect.
>If i connect first my datasnap server then I can't connect with Ibexpert.

Superserver on Windows is protected from having two clients connect to a database with different path strings (something that Windows would otherwise allow, that would corrupt the database, because Windows then treats the same *file* as though it were two databases).

Look at the path strings you have set up for these two connections. I bet you will find that one is
while the other is
"C:MYFILE.FDP" (notice the missing backstroke)

Avoid these problems by using an alias. In aliases.conf, make the entry

myfile = C:\MYFILE.FDP

Then make both your datasnap server and IBExpert (and every other client) connect to myhostname:myfile