Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Something IS seriously broken between 2.1.3 and 2.1.4
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Thanks for the suggestion. I'm using DISCHARGE_DATE + 0 instead. What I
> don't understand is why its keep changing in different versions. Its a
> nightmare for us to maintain the databases. I have received a numerous if
> calls from my customers (We have thousands customers that using Firebird)
> that complaints the speed issues after upgrading to v2.1.4.

Hearing this, I wonder if you are a Firebird Foundation member/sponsor?

Imagine you grep a particular amount per server/customer per year, you
could easily get in touch with the Firebird Foundation to somehow
sponsor particular improvements / bugfixes very easily. You possibly
could even get a hand on a private build.

Sorry, but people think that everything is free beer, which in detail
isn't the case. Development of Firebird costs money, quite some money,
which people might not know, so, perhaps you could return a fraction of
what you save/earn by using Firebird?

Sorry, could not resist, had a hard week. ;-)

With regards,

Thomas Steinmaurer
Upscene Productions

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