Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak error while backup database
Author Michael Ludwig
tomjanczkadao schrieb am 21.03.2011 um 14:19 (-0000):
> Hi
> I've got error while doing database backup:
> Arithmetic overflow or division by zero has occurred.
> arithemtic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation.

The second line can be seen for a wider range of problems.

Googling for the first turns up some tracker entries:

> In verbose mode gbak stops at writing index for table:
> gbak: writing index pk_LICZNIK
> gbak: writing index IDX_LICZNIK_NUMER_ASC
> gbak: writing index REL_LicznikLokalu
> gbak: writing index Relationship896
> I can connect to this database, browse all records in this table.
> Any idea?

Do you have any COMPUTED columns in your tables?

Michael Ludwig