Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak command option -svc
Author Norman Dunbar
Hi Huan,

ok, I've created a new Linux Mint 10 VM in VirtualBox, and installed
Firebird 2.1 classic.

The following command works perfectly and creates a backup:

gbak -svc /path/to/database.fdb /path/to/backup/database.fbk

I have no idea what's going on here! :-(

The file looks to be a database dump, and if I try and restore it to a
new database with the command:

gbak -svc -create /path/to/backup/database.fbk ./norman.fdb

then it works! The file created (norman.fdb) can be opened as a database.



PS. I much prefer superserver myself and OpenSuse, Mint (Ubuntu/Debian?)
seems to make life hard in that instead of "gbak" they have a link from
gbak to something called wrapper that executes gbak.real. Why I wonder?

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