Subject Hang?
Author Kjell Rilbe

This has happened twice now so it's starting to worry me.

I created an index on a table where it usually takes about 5-10 seconds
to created an index. But this time, and once before, FB seems to hang.

I've got a classic mode setup, so I can see five fb_inet_server.exe
processes, none of which does any I/O according to Windows Task Manager
(I/O Reads and I/O Writes are static). All except one seems idle (no CPU
usage and CPU Time static. The last one though is running on 100% CPU on
it's designated CPU/kernel (this is an 8 core, so it's constantly
reported as 12-13% CPU usage).

This has remained like this now for over an hour.

Is there any way I can examine what's going on?

The last time I was unable to get it going again, so I started by
killing the CPU consuming process. It didn't seem to help - none of the
other processes started doing anything, so I did a reboot, a DB
validation (was OK), and then resumed normal operation.

Trying to connect to other DB:s on the same server works fine, but I
can't connect to the DB I was working with (where I created an index).
FlameRobin also just hangs at the Connecting to Database progress dialog.

Kjell Rilbe
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