Subject Is nbackup + forced writes OFF safe?
Author Antti Nivala
I would like to turn forced writes off in my database in order to
maximize performance in Windows environment. I understand that this
causes a high risk of database corruption in case the process
terminates, the OS I/O system hangs, power fails or similar bad things

Still, I'm willing to make that sacrifice as long as I have a good way
of having a 100-percently safe, consistent backup of my database that is
not older than say 10 minutes. To achieve this, can I use nbackup and
make full + incremental backups?

Basically, my question is: If I have forced writes OFF in my database
and I take full and incremental backups using nbackup, are my backups
consistent? I would assume they are because I assume the OS disk caching
is transparent to nbackup and it will back up the up-to-date pages
regardless of what has actually been flushed to disk by the OS.

As far as I understand, another requirement then is that whenever
something unexpected happens, like the Firebird server crashes or the OS
fails, I should start by restoring the latest backup to make sure that
my database is consistent. Right?


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