Subject Firebird and Jan Borcher's SQL Developer tool
Author certfb
There is what appears to be a free, but closed source, tool for FB called SQL Designer (not to be confused with Oracle's tool of the same name).

I am interested if anyone on this list has used this tool as it would be a good companion to FlameRobin for those of us without the budget to buy commercial tools like SQL Maestro, and what's more it runs on Linux.

The snag is that it uses Jaybird and try what I may I cannot get it to connect. Mostly the problem is that it cannot find the right class.

I can't find any forums or user groups for the tool online and the emails to the "contact us" just bounce back. I guess that it is no longer supported, but nonetheless I think it must basically work if only I can find the right configuration.

The reason for posting here is in the hope that someone on this list is also interested in this tool or can solve Jaybird issues!