Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Optimizing Firebird for SSD
Author Vander Clock Stephane
> >
> > I'm not sure if I would use consumer SSDs as a host for Firebird
> > databases at all. For sure not in a RAID with no TRIM support etc.
> > Firebird is known to write very frequently e.g. on the transaction
> > inventory page (TIP). So, even small, but a lot of writes are going on,
> > which is a pretty serious scenario for the life-time and performance of
> > a SSD. And due to similar life-time patterns, SSDs in a RAID might fail
> > pretty much at the same time, although I don't have any real evidence
> > for that.

it's was also the case with SAS drive ! :)

We buy 3 years ago at the same time some sas drive to put them in raid
(seagate SAS 15k) and 2 of them crash at the same time (24h between the
2 crash)
... this because the sas was coming from the same "lot" ... raid 5 can
survive to one disk crash and we was thinging that the probability of 2
simultaneous hard drive crash was near impossible ... it's was not !

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