Subject Optimizing Firebird for SSD
Author Doychin
hi guys,

I'm having this setup here:

linux 64 bit server with RAID 5 for database storage. My database is stored on raw device.

Right now I'm using FW=ON for this setup.

any ideas how to optimize performance for this configuration?

The problem is with write operations. They take to much time and this is OLTP database so write should be very fast.

I'm considering the option to migrate this RAID back to HDD in order to speed up write operations.

I'm also considering the option of FW=OFF with MaxUnflushedWrites set to some low value like 100 and MaxUnflushedWriteTime set to 4-5 seconds.

Any other ideas?

Also what will be the effect if I use the above mentioned settings on the page writes that contain completed transactions?

Thanks in advance