Subject Trying FB 2.5 RC3
Author Maya Opperman
I have just been running some tests on FB 2.5 RC3, and everything was looking swimmingly well, so I decided to put 2.5 on our in-house server.

Our main app seems to be fine, but whenever someone adds a task or a comment to our simpler "small" inhouse app, everybody's inhouse app hangs up.

Because the environment is way too busy to wait, I have reverted to Fb 2.1 again.


Where do I post this to, support or devel?

What info is required?


Previous ver: 2.1.3 superserver
New ver 2.5 classic
Running 32 bit Firebird on 64 bit server (because of dependency on FreeUDFLib.dll I am in the process of removing).
Left ODS on 11.1, so I could revert easily in case of problems.
Functions which *seem* to cause the problem, are insertion of records with memo blobs.
Some of the clients were still running FBClient 1.5.4. Updated everyone to FBClient.dll ver 2.5, and I created 3 tasks and was on my second comment, when another user create their first task, just after I saved a comment, and at the point we both froze.
Can't get into any of the monitoring tables, and can't do a DB Shutdown. Doing a DBStat shows a stuck OIT though.
Only become unfrozen, after I kill off all the fb inet processes.

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