Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Multiple instances of fbserver.exe
Author Maya Opperman
>> its just to know, i guess that one day i will have to manage this issue too.
>If you are lucky enough not to have any reserved words changes, or windows code
>then it is not such an issue.

The only issue I really came across when going from FB 1.5 to Fb 2.1, was the ambiguous field error.

And selecting the same field twice in a select statement.

This was from code that automatically built SQL statements, and was relatively easy to fix.

So, it's not always such a big schlep to upgrade ;-)

Now that I'm on FB 2.1, I can't believe I ever managed without it.

I'm now doing away with my dependency on FreeUDFLib, since that is always an installation issue, when Firebird is already on the machine.

Lester, can you remember what those reserved word were that caught you, so people know not to use them when developing on 1.5?