Subject AW: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird LAN problem
Author Christian Waldmann
Hello Stefan

To use a database, only one computer has to run the firebird server. All
other computers do only need the firebird client and connect via the
server to the database.

The database on the server must be on a local drive of this computer and
no other computer needs file access to the database file. All database
manipulation is done through the server.

If there is a : after the server name in the connection string, TCP/IP
protocol is used, so the connection string of Ann is perfect.

If you didn't change the port firebird should use, the client uses the
default port of 3050, and you do not have to add a port to the
connection string.

Good luck

Christian Waldmann


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Betreff: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird LAN problem

I suggest to connect via TCP/IP to the computer who provides the
Your connection string should contain something like this:


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<> , "anzze33" <anzze33@...>
> Hello!
> I have a big problem with firebird database, which I hope you can help
me with.
> I made an application in Visual Studio 2008 (c#) for some company and
their special requirement was that I use the Firebird database (which
I've never used before).
> They have 5 computers in the company and each of them has Firebird
server&client installed, but only one computer in the network has the
database files (.fdb) which my application is using. The files are all
accessible via network on a shared network drive. My application should
run on all of the computers and every instance of the application shold
use those same database files. I wrote the following connection string:
> "User ID=SYSDBA;Password=masterkey;Database=Z:\\data\\data.fdb;
DataSource=localhost;Charset=WIN1250;", where "Z" is the mapped network
drive. The error I get is: "unavailable database".
> Should I even be using the "mapped network drive" method (I can see
possible problems with file locking) or is there some more correct way
to solve the problem. BTW: I have complete access to all computers, so
any sollution is applicable.
> I appreciate any help!

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