Subject Questions about Firebird and Windows Firewall + Zebedee and a router
Author Zd
Hello all!

I have two questions to the more experinced Firebirders:

1. If both the client and the FB server is running Windows, do I need to open the port for Firebird (3050) on only the server computer's Windows firewall, or on the client as well?

What's the case if events are involved as well? Do I open RemoteAuxPort on only the server, or on the client as well?

Windows 7 has introduced an improved firewall, which lets you filter inbound and outbound connections separately. In this case, do I need to open the port on the server for both kind of connections? What's up with the client in this case?

2. I'm using Zebedee to make a connection between a remote client and the server. I understand that I need to set the router/hardware firewall to forward the port used by Zebedee to the server computer. But do I need to do the same with the client? Or is it possible to connect from the remote computer if the user is behind a company firewall?


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