Subject How To Concatinate Multiple Rows Data Into Single One
Author Vishal Tiwari
Hi All,
I have one requirement,  but before that let me explain the table structure:
I have a table say for example Books and it contains the books list as:
Table Name = Books
I have another table Called Reader_Books, this would contain the no. of user taken those books for reading, table structure is as follows:
Table Name : Reader_Books
Reader_Code     Book_Name
R001                 Book_A
R001                 Book_B
R002                 Book_A
R002                 Book_B   
R002                 Book_C
R003                 Book_A
I need the data in following manner:
Reader_Code      Book_Name
R001                    Book_A
R002                    Book_A, Book_B, Book_C
R003                    Book_A
I tried my efforts but no result, but still I would like to learn how to achieve this.
I need to achieve above result only using SQL.
Thanks In Advance.
With Best Regards.

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