Subject Trying to start Firebird 2.5 CS and SC on Debian Linux AMD 64
Author rc.199011
I have installed Firebird 2.5 RC3 CS via tar.gz on Debian 5 Lenny and Firebird 2.5 SC on Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx.

Besides, the FB 2.5 CS/SC gave no error during installation. The installation completed corretly.

Both distros are AMD 64 and do not have xinet.d installed.

I have tried "# /etc/init.d/firebird [start/stop]", but it does not work.

"# ps aux | grep fb" and "# netstat -pan | grep 305" show no information indicating that firebird is working properly...

How do I start/stop Firebird 2.5 CS or SC in Debian Linux without xinet.d?

PS: When I install FB 2.5 SS on this two Linux distros, FB 2.5 SS works perfectly.

Thanks for any help,

Roberto Carlos