Subject Firebird LAN problem
Author anzze33

I have a big problem with firebird database, which I hope you can help me with.

I made an application in Visual Studio 2008 (c#) for some company and their special requirement was that I use the Firebird database (which I've never used before).

They have 5 computers in the company and each of them has Firebird server&client installed, but only one computer in the network has the database files (.fdb) which my application is using. The files are all accessible via network on a shared network drive. My application should run on all of the computers and every instance of the application shold use those same database files. I wrote the following connection string:
"User ID=SYSDBA;Password=masterkey;Database=Z:\\data\\data.fdb; DataSource=localhost;Charset=WIN1250;", where "Z" is the mapped network drive. The error I get is: "unavailable database".

Should I even be using the "mapped network drive" method (I can see possible problems with file locking) or is there some more correct way to solve the problem. BTW: I have complete access to all computers, so any sollution is applicable.

I appreciate any help!