Subject Update numeric problem
Author timothysshea
I am having a problem where the following :

update mytable set total=total+10.12 where mykey=10

Simply doesn't work; occasionally. The numeric field is not null and no error is reported. The numeric field (total) is not updated.

The command

update mytable set total=22.2 where mykey=10

always works.

update mytable set total=total+10.12, databasename='Firebird' where mykey=10

always updates databasename to 'Firebird', but sometimes does not update total.

Seems to happen on Terminal Servers more than other systems.
Using Win32 Firebird 2.1.3, Superserver via the ODBC driver build, but happened with Firebird 2.0 as well.

This seems like a pretty basic problem and only happens occasionally. Otherwise, Firebird appears to be virtually bulletproof.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.