Subject Firebird is unable to start another thread
Author Paul R. Gardner
I have a customer running Firebird 2.0.6. They run a Citrix environment
and will have 200-300 simultaneous connections over a dozen or so
databases. Recently they upgraded their Citrix environment. Now there
are times where they are unable to start a new instance of our program.
When this happens, the Firebird.log file gets many error messages like:
Database: ThreadData::start() failed:
operating system directive _beginthreadex failed
Not enough storage is available to process this command.

I had them check the setting 'Allow service to interact with desktop' in
the Firebird Server service properties. This was a solution I had found
in the Firebird message boards. Unfortunately this did not solve the
problem. Has anyone run across this? Any ideas? I'm not 100% positive
that the Citrix upgrade caused the issue either, it's just something
worth mentioning.

Paul Gardner