Subject Best practices for saving product images in blobs in DB
Author Tommi Prami

We are planning to save (one possibility) to save Product images into
database. Is there any best practices one needs to use while dealing
with quite massive amount of data with possibly large blobs.

(Note hat I am not actual DB-guy, and what DB experience I have, I've
never used blobs)

Something that comes into mind :
- Just one table for images (Just other tables for "meta data" which
differentiates all different size-class images/different image formats)
- Multiple tables for image types (jpegtable, pngtable...) (Just an
simple example, to brake Image Table into multiple smaller ones)
- To make Blob tables smaller
- Is there any point of making table structure more complicated to
make Blob Tables smaller??

And what info are must / absolutely smart to save into the DB
- Image Format!
- Actual Size!
- ...

What arguments (pros/cons) there are for storing image data into DB?

-Tommi Prami-

PS. We use Delphi and AnyDAC and RemObjects Stuff