Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak appears to be frozen
Author Norman Dunbar
Evening Michael,

>> gbak manual updated to take account of Ann's comments below. (Manual
>> version 1.4).
This is yet to be put on-line I'm afraid. I'll be attempting this later
on. I've had some trouble getting connected recently. :-(

> Not sure it is in sync with the upstream version. By the way, the link
> to the XML file in CVS is broken, it has a space where none is required.
Yes, I spotted that and fixed it! Thanks.

> Also, the CSV browser doesn't seem to include the update yet.
I'll be getting that sorted out straight away, by the time you read this
- and refresh the browser - the latest XML source should be in CVS.

> Unless, of course, I'm looking at the wrong place.
No, entirely my fault. :-(