Subject gbak appears to be frozen
Author theodorezafiropoulos

I have Firebird running as superserver install on Win XP Pro SP3.

The database size has a few tables, however only one table grows large. That large table has about 150Million entries. The size of the DB is 15.5GB.

The database was running quite slow and on other occassions, this was caused by 'garbage' transactions. I would solve this by doing a sweep, backup and restore.

This time I did something different.

I deleted some data from the large file about 6mths worth which is about 70Million records. Then I commenced a backup using the command

gbak -v -t -user SYSDBA -password "masterkey" DATABASENAME.fdb DATABASENAME.FBK

at the cmd prompt.

This started creating the FBK file and I could see what it was doing.

Then when the backup got to the large file, I could see

gbak: writing data for table SMDR

and gbak just hangs there this has been in this state for about 3 hours !!!

the DATABASENAME.FBK is not growing in size for about 3 hours.

I looked at task manager and could see that the CPU usage is tiny ie <4% and fbserver.exe occassionaly displaying <2%.

There are no users on the system (other than me connected via RDP).

My question is, does this seem normal (I don't think so)? What can I do now other than look at gbak and wonder if it's doing something?

Please help.

Thank you.