Subject operating system directive open failed , no such file or directory
Author Tamas Kiss
Dear Members,

I am facing a strange error.

We have a Linux Centos server running a Firebird 2.1 (LI-V6.3.3.18185).

I have products table with 52 fields with some varchar(80), varchar(100),
varchar(255) fields amongst them.

Default Character set is WIN1250, default collation for fields is PXW_HUNDC.

For correct display of data I need to order by on productname field collate

My problem is that when I execute a query on this table selecting just a
several fields everything works fine and fast.

But as soon as I try running "SELECT * from Products order by productname
collate PXW_HUNDC"

an error says: "operating system directive open failed , no such file or

The same happens when I include almost all fields of the table. I tried to
figure out which field contains erroneous data for sorting but everything
seemed OK.

Our database is small, below 300 MB. The table contains 50000 records. Page
size is 8K but also tried with 16k.

Clients run their Delphi application on Windows XP or later, query tested

Database restores correctly from backup so there is no sign of database

I updated productname to be 'product_' || productid (so it wouldn't contain
special characters) and even updated all non-requied varchar fields of the
relation to NULL but it didn't help.

Interestingly, I have the partners table with around 100 fields containing
varchar fields (50, 80 and 100 char length) but the error doesn't show up
with a similar query, order and collation of its fields.

I read through the similar posts but nothing seemed to help.

Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Tamas Kiss

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