Subject float vs double precision
Author bwc3068

I've got 2 fields in a table,

Temperature Float and
PartsCost Double Precision

In my Delphi application, I've got them persistent in a persistent query.

They are both tIBOFLoatField's and all their properties are the same (except the .Name and .FieldName).

In the form that uses these fields, I've got identical dbEdit controls who use these 2 fields.

IF I input "1.23" into the Double Precision field and then tab off of it, it reads: 1.23.

If I input "1.23" into the Float field and then tab off of it, it reads:

Any idea why the "float" field display incorrectly after the value get's placed into the query?

Again, all properties are identical on the edit and tIBOFloatField components. The only different is, in the SQL that creates the Firebird table (FB one is a "Float" and the other "Double Precision"?