Subject Problem with decimal(6,2) data type of column in Firebird 2.5.0
Author origen_banaru
I use firebird 2.5.0 superserver, and for editing Database Workbech 4.0.3 Lite.
I have a domain Domain1 with:
- Datatype: Decimal
- Lenght: 6
- Scale: 2
- Not null: True
- Default: 0
I use this domain in multiple calculation.
But, if i do somme calculation, i.e. Colum1 * Column2, the result Column3 is like 1.456,0587, with four decimals insteed two rounded like 1.456,06.
So, in my report (using RaveReports) the calculated number like 0,8794 is displayed like ",8794", without leading zero.
Please help my to resolve that.