Subject Dramatic slowdown going from Firebird 2.0 to 2.1
Author bukowskir
We have an application that creates databases fairly frequently, sets them up with a simple schema, and writes in a header; the database is then used later for various operations. We originally wrote it on, where the creation and setup operations take about 0.5 second for each database.

Recently, we tried dropping in Firebird The result was a factor of 10 (!) increase in this operation on Windows XP machines, from 0.5 second to 4-6 seconds each. On Windows 7, it seems to be similar in speed.

Are there any known issues with 2.1 and XP? I'm surprised that it behaves so differently on the two OS's. 2.0 behaved pretty much the same on either one.

We are going to have to revert the change for now, which is a pain because we want the 64 bit support.