Subject DB with bad design
Author Nico Callewaert
Hi everybody,

I was wondering of a DB that was poorly designed could perform better under FB 2.5 ? Now the DB is running under FB 1.5 Super Server. We would switch to 2.5 SuperClassic.
To me the database looks more like a trashcan, instead of a DB. No foreign keys, in every table computed fields that do select's on other tables, all documents (quotes, orders, invoices, delivery notes,....) are all together in 1 big table, seperated by a "CODE", that results in poor selectivity, etc, etc..... It's just 1 big mess. And now they think that switching from FB 1.5 SuperServer to FB 2.5 SuperClassic will do the magic trick. I don't share that view. But could it be I'm wrong ?

It seems typical to me (at least in the country where I work), that the person with the least technical knowledge is authorized to do the decision making, just because he or she is working in that office already x number of years. I don't get it...

Many thanks in advance,

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