Subject Optimizing query
Author Ismael L. Donis GarcĂ­a
I have the following query, but it takes long.

Does any way exist of optimizing response time?

select a.idedoc, a.documento, a.docemp, a.fecha as fec, a.debe as ded, a.antdebe, a.nota, b.factura, b.fecha, b.debe
from pafacpag a left join (select c.idedoc as ide, c.factura, c.fecha, c.debe from pafacpag c where (((c.entidad)='2578')
and ((c.debe)>0) and ((c.clave)='PS'))) as b on a.idedoc = b.ide where (((a.fecha)<'2009/12/31') and
((a.debe)>0) and ((a.entidad)='2578') and ((a.factura)='PA') and ((a.clave)='PO')) order by a.docemp, a.fecha, b.fecha

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